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Well-known is the story of the Babel Tower. According to the myth, people from many origins, speaking many different languages, tried and did not manage to build such a monument together, because they did not understand each other.

This website is the Babel Tower that should have existed: a dematerialized platform for cultural exchanges and open-mindedness, where young writers, the Keepers, embody the country they come from. And by writing the change they wish to see in the world, they all hope to make bridges bloom between cultures, nations and people.

On Babel Tower you’ll find papers with nothing in common but the wish to make you discover the beauties of this world.

Here’s the thing: every country is embodied by a Keeper, a  culture-loving journalist who wants to promote his.her homeland’s gifts. Keepers write about everything they love in their home country – in ‘Home-Trotter’ category – but also about everything they love in other countries – in ‘Globe-Trotter’ category -, from historical locations to cultural festivals, from people they’ve met to dreams they’ve achieved.

In ‘OverSeas Swaps’, two Keepers from two very different countries send each other a gift that represents their culture. In ‘Earth’s also a star’, they describe initiatives, events and people that make the world a better place. In ‘World’s next door’, they present books, movies and others, which will help you travel even without moving out of your bed.

Feel free to explore, travel, discover, learn, teach & enjoy. Have the best time with us, and let us know if you ever want to join the team or ask any question you may have.

Don’t be late – the world is waiting for you.



It’s during a student exchange in Adelaide, Australia, in August 2016, that Yi Han from China and Camille from France first meet in front of their English classroom. But a few days later, when Camille has to leave, Yihan becomes, to her, the proof that Allies can sometimes come from the most unexpected place. By giving her French friend a gift from China and her email address, she paves the way for a long-distance and bicultural friendship, no matter the kilometers between their two countries.

A few months and emails later, they decide to start a brand-new, multicultural and multinational project: the idea of the XXIst century’s Babel Tower was born. A year after their meeting, during a summer camp at Peking University for Yihan, and after a folklore festival in the French Périgord for Camille, they brainstorm and draw the lines of the project to come: the creation of the website and the recruitment of the future Keepers can begin.

A few months after, on March 30th 2018, the website is officially launched by the nine First Keepers, who come from five different continents: Yihan, Keeper of China; Camille, Keeper of France; Erlend, Keeper of Norway; Ana Catalina, Keeper of Honduras; Vijit, Keeper of Thailand; Siobhan, Keeper of Australia; Antony, Keeper of Chile; Maria, Keeper of El Salvador and Henri, Keeper of Finland.

And now what’s next ? In the midst of all the projects we want to develop, we first aim to recruit talented Keepers who will make sure that as many countries as possible are given a place on Babel Tower. And who knows ? You may be the next chapter in Babel Tower’s history ! If your country is not already embodied by a Keeper, we would be delighted for you to apply; and if it is, feel free to contact us in order to write, as a Babel Tower’s Builder, in other categories of the website…




Every colored country is already embodied by a Keeper; and one day hopefully, this whole map will be scratched!